Our Location

The original concept behind Humble Roots was inspired the day we discovered our location. Immediately we were taken by its majestic country setting while still being only minutes away from the heart of the city. Being surrounded by horses, lush greenery, farms, rivers, and views of the Golden Ears inspired feelings we wanted to share with our future guests. It is truly a privilege to be part of such a fast growing and welcoming community.

Our journey to restore the rustic charm and humble character of the building has been a long one. Even the smallest details matter, and we feel that our guests will appreciate the unique qualities our efforts have yielded. Please join us in writing a new chapter for our humble abode.

13179 224 St Maple Ridge, BC




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  1. Hi there, do you do catering for baked goods, tea, coffee, and water for approx. 30 people? If so, can I please get a quote.

    thank you


  2. We had your chicken last night and it was excellent. We had some left over for a second meal. Everything was very tasty and you put out a very high quality product. The muffins also were very tasty. We enjoyed our meal and will order again. Thank you


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