The Humble Roots Family

Our Humble Roots Family is a collective group of passionate chefs, servers, farmers, bakers, caterers, local artisans, active community members and is completed by you, our valued customer.

We have worked tirelessly to create an environment that will inspire our staff and allow their passion to flourish.

We welcome creativity and celebrate those who aspire to learn and work hard. We have also provided our staff with the opportunity to plant, grow, prepare, and preserve some of the local ingredients found on our menu. We believe doing so helps forge a deeper connection and understanding of the products served to our guests.

Our focus will always be on delivering great food as well as genuine service. We invite you to join our family and help us grow!


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    • Hi Amber, sorry for the late reply. We do have vegan options. We have a vegan soup daily, sandwich and wrap options plus home-made vegan sausages, falafel, baked beans and more. Hopefully we can get you in to sample some of our fare.


  1. Your menu looks good and I would like to check out your cafe. Could you tell me if your salmon is wild caught or farmed?


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