What “Local” Means to Us

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At Humble Roots, we are very grateful for the ability to source ingredients from all over the country and many other regions in the world. It’s a true luxury to have a wide array of options readily available. Whether it’s maple syrup from Quebec, oils and vinegar from Italy or spices from Asia, we can all appreciate these culinary treasures right here at home.

We are also grateful to live in BC, which is so agriculturally rich with a variety of high-quality foods. Sourcing locally as our first option is a welcomed responsibility and often leads us to the best products available. With a farm to table concept, our aim is to have your food be of the highest quality while travelling the least distance possible to get on the plate.

Our concept of local doesn’t only apply to how we source our products. We believe that having an active role in the community is essential. It’s important to give back to the community that supports us so we may collectively thrive. We believe collaboration will always serve as the building blocks of a strong foundation. We welcome ideas for fundraising events and we look forward to lending a hand whenever possible.

Some benefits of going local are:

  • Fresher products
  • Strengthens local economies
  • Supports local businesses, artisans, trades & initiatives
  • More direct lines of communication with producers
  • Promotes community participation
  • We aim to bring only the best to you


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